First of its kind affordable flat panel, multi-beam Satcom technology. Delivers social media connectivity and Broadcast Live TV simultaneously from multiple satellites.

High Performance End-to-End offering

Fully managed service including terminals, hub, space segment and management Integration with onboard entertainment as well as transparent connectivity Simultaneous HD/4K TV and broadband connectivity All in one terminal - Embedded RF (KRFU), antenna controller (KANDU) and Modem (ModMan) units.

Superior Economics

Attractive price point, as low as half than market, paving the way for free IFC from airlines to passengers.
Reducing IFC cost with disruptive technology (CAPEX & OPEX)
Saving bandwidth cost > 50%
Reducing terminal cost < 50%
Low profile and low weight maximizing fuel efficiency
Silicon economy of scale

Unique Multibeam Technology

PaxLife’s connectivity Infrastructure is based on our unique flat panel Satcom Antenna that integrates a multibeam technology to allow simultaneous connectivity to multiple satellites. This exclusive feature enables to source Internet and Live Television from different Satellites. “Make-before-break” Beam hopping is also provided, so users can enjoy continuous experience throughout their journey.

First-of-its-kind flat panel Antenna

Superior technology, based on Electronic Steerable Dual-Beam Antenna Array
Worldwide service capable over multiple satellites (Sat Hopping)
Future-proof technology upward compatible with future MEO/LEO constellations
Superior Performances including over the equator
Full Ku-band bandwidth for simultaneous TV & broadband connectivity

Low weight, low profile Radome

Our low-weight flat panel antenna system comes with the lowest profile radome in commercial aviation, reducing drag and fuel penalty to negligible levels.